Status of booking


In case You have made a booking, but You haven´t made any payments, You still have a booking. The only risk You take, is that if any other client had made a payment for that period of time, Your booking is automatically cancelled. So, if You have chosen such device, please check before Your arrival, if Your booking is still in force. If You are determined to choose one of the apartments for Your vacation, it´s safer to make advance payment.




Broneeringu staatus

Juhul kui olete teinud broneeringu aga pole teinud ettemakset, on teil ikkagi broneering endiselt jõus. Ainuke risk, mis te võtate on see, et kui mõni teine klient on teinud ettemakse samal perioodil majutumiseks, tühistatakse automaatselt teie broneering. Seega, kui olete valinud sellise viisi, palun täpsustage enne saabumist, kas teie broneering on jõus. Kui soovite kindlustada on broneeringut, on kindam, kui teete ettemakse.